About Us


Wall Tools is passionate about elevating the customer experience.

We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the competition by seeking tool technologies that works better, get the job done faster and improve results. We know what the old contractor adage remains true, “If you want the job done right, you’ve got to have the right tool for the job”. Wall Tools keeps it simple. We stock quality products and offer outstanding service to our customers. Our company was founded on the guiding principle that if our customers are satisfied and successful, they will continually support our efforts to provide them with the best tools and services available. The Wall Tools website offers a streamlined, easy to navigate buying experience. It will provide what you need to make an informed decision about just what tools fit your needs. Contact our knowledgeable service staff. We are here to ensure your investment of time and money is protected.

Whether you are hanging, taping, finishing, or texturing drywall to painting, or wall covering… we supply tools you can count on. Top tool brands at hard working prices, that’s Wall Tools. If you happen to come across a better deal, let us know. We’re here to help, the best we can and in any way possible.

Wall Tools – Start to Finish

Wall Tools is an American company specializing in tools, parts and repair solutions for commercial, residential, remodel and do-it-yourself drywall construction. We are a global retailer of tools and services geared to help companies in the walls and ceilings trades – drywall, painting, wall covering, acoustical, and plaster. Our solutions help companies improve productivity, quality, and profitability. We will stop at nothing less than your 100% satisfaction. Experience the difference from Start to Finish.

Mission Statement

When you think drywall tools, we want you to think… Wall Tools – that’s our mission.  Above all, we value the importance of positive relationships and will remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, clients, vendors, and partners.  We strive to earn customer and manufacturer loyalty through each and every interaction, every day.  Wall Tools is committed to utilizing the latest technological innovations to enhance our performance and improve the customer experience. Customers and manufacturers can count on our integrity and commitment to being a partner in their success through our tireless work ethic and dedication to continuous improvement.

Core Values

Build Lasting Relationships – Creating lasting and trusted connections is at the heart of our organization.  Wall Tools is committed to building long term partnerships with our customers and manufacturers founded on reliability, integrity, and honesty.  We enjoy helping people, and strive to make new, long lasting connections with every communication.
Demand Professional Quality – Quality is not a buzzword we use lightly.  By Wall Tools definition, quality is a promise not a gimmick. That promise is defined by your satisfaction which is our number one priority.  Wall Tools aims to provide a level of quality that professional’s can count on.  We hold our manufacturers to the highest quality standards.

Utilize Cutting-Edge Technology – Wall Tools is committed to seeking the latest and greatest technologies available.  Our willingness to embrace technology and utilize it effectively in our business provides customers a better experience making their life simpler and their business successful.

Winning Attitude – Wall Tools doesn’t focus on being better than anyone else.  Instead, we set the bar of our own success very high and aim to break it on a daily basis.  Every day, in every way we are doing our best to not only earn our customer’s respect, but to become a vital extension of their business.

Good Times –   We believe that these three basic principles lead to good times:

  • Do your absolute best for others. Their success is your success.
  • Be fair, open-minded and flexible. Good things come when you are open to them.
  • Celebrate your victories and failures. Always start from a positive place.